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ApplyVersionToAssemblies.ps1 stopped updating assemblies.

Nov 19, 2015 at 3:14 PM
Edited Nov 19, 2015 at 4:44 PM
File versioning stopped working. I am using ApplyVersionToAssemblies.ps1and it had been working fine, now it has been stuck on the same version number for awhile. The build folder number matches the version, but the file versions do not.

It might be that I tried to update the version pattern to put 00.00.00 on the builds. If that is the case, what is the correct way to update that file to change the pattern?

I would rather use and look for

Is there a way to specifically target the .rc files?
## <copyright file="ApplyVersionToAssemblies.ps1">(c) This source is subject to the Microsoft Permissive License. See All other rights reserved.</copyright>
# Look for a pattern in the build number. 
# If found use it to version the assemblies.
# For example, if the 'Build number format' build process parameter 
# $(BuildDefinitionName)_$(Year:yyyy).$(Month).$(DayOfMonth)$(Rev:.r)
# then your build numbers come out like this:
# "Build HelloWorld_2013.07.19.1"
# This script would then apply version 2013.07.19.1 to your assemblies.
# Enable -Verbose option
# Disable parameter
# Convenience option so you can debug this script or disable it in 
# your build definition without having to remove it from
# the 'Post-build script path' build process parameter.
if ($PSBoundParameters.ContainsKey('Disable'))
    Write-Verbose "Script disabled; no actions will be taken on the files."
# Regular expression pattern to find the version in the build number 
# and then apply it to the assemblies
$VersionRegex = "\d+\.\d+\.\d+\.\d+"
# If this script is not running on a build server, remind user to 
# set environment variables so that this script can be debugged
    Write-Error "You must set the following environment variables"
    Write-Error "to test this script interactively."
    Write-Host '$Env:TF_BUILD_SOURCESDIRECTORY - For example, enter something like:'
    Write-Host '$Env:TF_BUILD_SOURCESDIRECTORY = "C:\code\FabrikamTFVC\HelloWorld"'
    Write-Host '$Env:TF_BUILD_BUILDNUMBER - For example, enter something like:'
    Write-Host '$Env:TF_BUILD_BUILDNUMBER = "Build HelloWorld_0000.00.00.0"'
    exit 1
# Make sure path to source code directory is available
    Write-Error ("TF_BUILD_SOURCESDIRECTORY environment variable is missing.")
    exit 1
elseif (-not (Test-Path $Env:TF_BUILD_SOURCESDIRECTORY))
    exit 1
# Make sure there is a build number
    Write-Error ("TF_BUILD_BUILDNUMBER environment variable is missing.")
    exit 1
# Get and validate the version data
$VersionData = [regex]::matches($Env:TF_BUILD_BUILDNUMBER,$VersionRegex)
         Write-Error "Could not find version number data in TF_BUILD_BUILDNUMBER."
         exit 1
   1 {}
         Write-Warning "Found more than instance of version data in TF_BUILD_BUILDNUMBER." 
         Write-Warning "Will assume first instance is version."
$NewVersion = $VersionData[0]
Write-Verbose "Version: $NewVersion"
# Apply the version to the assembly property files
$files = gci $Env:TF_BUILD_SOURCESDIRECTORY -recurse -include "*Properties*","My Project" | 
    ?{ $_.PSIsContainer } | 
    foreach { gci -Path $_.FullName -Recurse -include AssemblyInfo.* }
    Write-Verbose "Will apply $NewVersion to $($files.count) files."
    foreach ($file in $files) {
        if(-not $Disable)
            $filecontent = Get-Content($file)
            attrib $file -r
            $filecontent -replace $VersionRegex, $NewVersion | Out-File $file
            Write-Verbose "$file.FullName - version applied"
    Write-Warning "Found no files."