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FxCop activity - proposal for extension

Jan 3, 2012 at 4:50 PM


I've pushed a new patch (ID: 11208) adding a new in-argument to the FxCop activity:

   - ResultsShownInBuildReport

The FxCop activity provides a basic wrapper over FxCopCmd.exe. In case the analysis is not successful, the results are written to a specified output XML file. Moreover, the FxCop activity provides an out-argument 'AnalysisFailed' describing whether the analysis was successful, or not.
In my current situation, I want potential problems to be stated as warnings (or errors) in the build report, so that I don't have to check the generated output XML file. Therefore, I have extended the FxCop activity so that whenever the analysis fails, the output XML file is analyzed automatically and the respective warnings (or errors) are logged.
In the extended FxCop activity, this functionality is disabled per default but can be enabled by setting the 'ResultsShownInBuildReport' in-argument to true.

It would be nice to hear your opinion on this, and to see this functionality be integrated to the next release.