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Upgrading custom build from VS2010/TFS2010 w/extension to VS2012/TFS2010 w/extension

Jan 8, 2013 at 2:33 PM

Having a problem with upgrading a build to use VS2012.

We're in the process of migrating to VS2012 and are building up new VS2012 based build servers/Dev workstations

I've replaced the Build Extensions with the latest stable release from CodePlex (as of yesterday), reset all the references in the solution file so there are no reference issues, and reset the custom extensions path in the build controller.

However, the XAML editor still shows the custom activities from the Build Extensions as "Activity could not be loaded due to errors in the XAML" 

Compiling the solution shows

Error 3 Unrecognized tag 'x:Members' in namespace ''......

Which to me suggests that 


isnt being resolved....

Trying to hit that URI results in an error.... 

IS this still a valid URI for pulling schema info?  or is there something nastier at play?

Jan 9, 2013 at 7:24 PM

Further update:

I've now been able to get the XAML to the point that the designer is OK with it - but the build still produces the same error as noted above

I've followed Jason Pricket's Blog posting : and I'm still left with this namespace issue

Unrecognized tag 'x:Members' in namespace ''.....

for 3 of the 4 XAMLs that are included in the solution.

In reference to Jason's Process:

1.            We are staying with TFS2010 for now.

2.            n/a – we’re not upgrading to TFS2012

3.            We have installed (only) VS2012 on the developer and build machines

4.            I’ve upgraded the build extentions to the latest release (which includes VS2012 compatible binaries), and changed all the references to the VS2012 versions

4a.          …

4b.          Framework is at 4.5

4c.          I have no references to TFS v10 DLLs – all are the v11 DLLs that ship with VS2012

4d.          (this is the step that results in the error)

4e.          Have to assume the release of TFSBuild Extentions is solid this way

5.            All XAMLs have passed the XAMLCleaner

It’s the Step 4d that is still failing…

Any suggestions anyone can offer would be appreciated

Feb 5, 2014 at 6:33 PM
i am having the same issue.
for all 202 schema calls... only the first one that it hits produces an error same problems as noted above.