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Looking for documentation or help with changing project version in AssemblyInfo.cs files for TFS 2012 build.

Jul 9, 2013 at 1:30 PM

This TfsVersion Activity is very confusing for me to use, and the current documentation is for TFS 2010,

I have follow this documentation. I got to the point I can find all assembly files and print the messages out.

However I need some guidelines to set the properties of TfsVersion Activity for TFS 2012.
I have already created variables "Major, Minor, VersionNumber" and set the properties roughly the same with the current documentation. But I got errors: " Major is required. Version is required."

So the questions:
  1. where in the process suppose to read out the version number from AssemblyInfo files?
  2. What variable is getting set that value?
  3. How Major an Minor works? Do they automatically get value from... something?
  4. Do we or can we set Major and Minor variables?
  5. Where in the process set the final output Version variable if it's been set in the background? Or do we have to set it manually?
I have found the document for these variables, just don't know what the process to set them and when do we suppose to use them.
Major - Gets or Sets the Major component of the version number.
Minor - Gets or Sets the Minor component of the version number.
Version - Gets or sets the Version.

Thanks a lot for your help.