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External Contributions

Getting your code contribution is the most important item on the list, however it would be highly appreciated if you could

  1. Ensure your code passes StyleCop
  2. Ensure your code builds in Release mode, i.e. passes Code Analysis


SDK Requirement for TFS Build Manager

If you don't have SDK installed for your version of Visual Studio, when you open the solution you will get a dialog that has the following information

Unsupported This version of Visual Studio does not have the following project types installed  or does not support them. You can still open these projects in the version of  Visual Studio in which they were originally created. - TFSBuildManager.Package, "\TFSBuildManager\MAIN\Source\TFSBuildManager.Package\TFSBuildManager.Package.csproj"

Once the solution is loaded, you will see that the TFSBuildManger.Package project is listed as incompatible.

You can download the SDK for VS2012 here (current as of September 25th 2013):

Before installing the SDK, close all copies of VS2012.

Once you have installed the SDK, you can reopen VS2012 and then reload the TFSBuildManager.slnfile.  This time the solution will open without any messages of a project being unsupportedand the TFSBuildManger.Package project will not be listed as incompatible.



From the July 2013 release we are going to actively develop for v.Current and v.Next (as previews become available). Any older versions will only be updated if a significant bug is found. We have the following branches


  • Check in here if you are fixing a major issue. We are not adding new functionality to this branch and are not merging from Main.


  • This is at VS2012 level. Check in here if you are writing code targeting VS2012.
  • If you code works in VS2013 too, then Merge it to VS2013.


  • Check in here if you are writing code that only works in VS2013.
  • If you only have VS2013 and the code also works in VS2012, you can merge to Main.

When the first public preview of VS2014 ships we will

  • Branch Main off to Legacy\VS2012
  • Promote Main to VS2013 level (RI)
  • Branch VS2014 from Main and update to build correctly for VS2014


If you are an active developer, you may find some helpful batch files in the /Source/Build folder of each branch.

  • Build.cmd --- use this to compile the code and drop it to C:\Releases
  • Package.cmd --- use this to compile the code, quality check it and build the documentation. It also drops to C:\Releases
  • Pre-Checkin.cmd --- run this to compile your code and run Stylecop to see if its ok to check in


You will also find Build.proj in that folder which you can browse and create any custom builds you see fit, like perhaps creating a signed version of the assemblies. To run these files you need to

  • Install the latest 32bit version of the MSBuild Extension Pack 4.0
  • Install the latest SHFB if you want documentation
  • Install the latest version of Stylecop
  • Copy the MSBuild.ExtensionPack.StyleCop.dll into the StyleCop installation folder (C:\Program Files (x86)\StyleCop 4.7)

If you are unable to get your code to pass Pre-Checkin.cmd, please shelve it and notify one of the coordinators who will unshelve and take a look....

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